Step Up Staging with a Welcoming Staircase

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If you are planning to put your property on the market, it goes without saying that you are hoping to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the most amount of money. Setting the stage for a successful sale requires planning, so here are a few ideas about one of the first things buyers see when they enter a home.

Entry stairs and railings influence the first impression of a home’s interior. Derrick Chapman, owner of Rowan Hardwood Floors says, “Staircases are a keystone feature n a home because they can break up flooring styles, and if done right, they can marry one type of flooring to another. Hardwood stairs are very versatile and provide great advantages for keeping clean when people suffer from allergies.”

Below is an example of a dramatic, updated renovation from carpet to wood.


Buyers today want non-toxic environments for their family and pets. Always choose low VOC or non-toxic paint for every project and use it on the feature sheet.

A recent Newmarket, Ontario client had a dated staircase in light oak that did not work well with the upgrades in the rest of the house. The architectural features of this staircase were dramatic and essential to the look and feel of the property. When the banister and pickets were painted, the house was transformed with a more classic yet modern feel and the clients said they wished they had completed this project ten years ago.


Carpeted Stairs:

  • Remove outdated or worn out carpet and replace steps with neutral tone carpeting. 
  • Cap stairs with solid wood.
  • Carpet runners should be securely fastened to the stairs and the rest of the exposed staircase should be clean and finished properly.


  • Check if it is still in good condition.
  • Decide if it can be painted or re-stained.

Walls Going up the Steps:

  • Remove wallpaper, especially if it is dated and worn.
  • Remove photos going up the stairs:; this is not the place for a family gallery.

Lighting in the Stairway:

  • The light fixture in the hall is very important to showcase the staircase, so choose a substantial one.

55% of all home shoppers now cite green home features as an important part of their purchasing decision

– Zip Realty

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